Global trees is a charity which we set up in 2006, to help reverse Global Warming. Trees act as the lungs of the world. Quite simply, trees breathe in CO2,and breath out oxygen. The carbon gets stored in their trunk and branches. So lets plant lots.

There is simply no downside … even if you’re a climate sceptic.

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Factoid: Ten trees will offset an average persons carbon emissions for a year.

In engaging with tree experts, we also quickly learnt that there’s another aspect to tackling climate change – reducing carbon emissions. So we set about that too.

Global trees puts 100% of the money raised into planting trees. The charity has no overheads and is supported financially by its founders, Grant Property. It’s run entirely by volunteers.

Global trees is your gateway into a world of trees and carbon reduction. Your starter kit, for building awareness, for learning and for making a difference.

Micro city forests (3:01 min)

How to build a forest (10:24 min)