Factoid: Ten trees will offset an average persons carbon emissions for a year.

The tree experts gave us many tips and a few surprises.

When we first set up Global trees in 2006, awareness was still building. Innovative thinking and solutions were limited.

Today, everyone’s aware. There’s tangible progress in renewable energy. You can buy an electric car and choose a green energy supplier.

We were inspired to make a difference, by President Bill Clinton, in 2006. He made three points. Firstly, Global warming is the biggest issue we face. Wars, terrorism are awful. But they pass. What we’re doing to our planet with carbon emissions and deforestation, is existential.

Secondly, what can you do, as an individual or as a business to give back to society.
The third issue came as a shock 52 of global warming comes from property, which was the very business we’re in.

At a subsequent meeting in 2007 he explained that it matters what you do so keep doing it. But even more important, is how you inspire others to make a difference, too.

So we set about learning how to reduce our carbon emissions, and shared out know how. To date we’ve also planted 650 000 trees. Please help us plant trees and inspire your friends, to play their part, too.